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In Greek mythology, Sisypheus was a deceitful king whose punishment was to roll a huge boulder up a hill, supervised closely by Persephone, only to have the boulder roll down again and he would have to keep doing this for eternity. The endless repetition of some tasks which eventually stop becoming helpful is known as a Sisyphean task.

What is the connection you may ask in relation to Pain medicine?

I would argue that sometimes the various interventions we do in modern medicine especially in long term orthopaedic and pain management could very well constitute some form of Sisyphean model…

“There is no growth in the comfort zone!”

Isnt that a trite overused cliche? Well, anyway, that has been my defining statement to my inner self for the last 24 months. And it has led me to places that I would have never thought possible. To me, it has been a defining statement that I have now internalized and come to believe it wholeheartedly.

Well, Who am I?

I am practicing Pain physician (a trained medical doctor, not just a pill pusher!) leading a very busy department of Pain medicine in a big hospital in the South of England. I…

Deepak Ravindran

Doctor, Pain physician, Upstreamist, optimist and curious about life and why we do what we do

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